Super Bowl XLV Point Spread

February 2nd, 2011

Several major offshore sportsbooks have moved the Super Bowl XLV spread from 2.5 to 3.  You can find many of the markers remaining at -2.5 from this past weekend activity, but the boost adjustment has been in place as of yesterday.

Books are claiming that sharp money from notable gambling arenas on the Packers -2.5 has pushed the move to a field goal for this coming Sunday’s Lombardi Trophy race.  A notable 70% of the total action on the side has been geared toward the Green Bay Packers, but oddsmakers believe the move to -3 will carry through the kickoff.

The Super Bowl spread isn’t the only adjustment taking place.  Moneyline odds have also shifted taking the Packers to a -140 favorite to win over the Steelers this coming weekend.  The adjustment is taking place even though 65% of the moneyline wagers are being placed on the Steelers.  Pittsburgh is now at +120 to win their 3rd Super Bowl in six years.  This creates an attraction to bet on the moneyline with a spread of this nature, rather than taking the underdog and points, bettors might instead take the plus money on the Steelers moneyline.

At the moment the total for Super Bowl XLV is at 44 or 44.5 points in most markets.  Oddsmakers predict the gambling community to push the number in the next couple of days toward 46.

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