Sports Betting Types

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Here you will find the goods on Sports Betting Types.  Think about it – by playing with the wager types you can increase your chances of pulling in more big money earnings.

By using a smaller amount of your cash and altering the wager style, you up those odds to win particularly with a parlay method.  You can find a good deal of these types of bets through any of our recommended Online Sports Books. Create better odds, and reduced risks by varying the line on your wagers with teasers (parlays with lesser risks).   Generally, you can find teaser opportunities on football and basketball.  Betting on predictions can be a good switch.  Place a bet on your favorite team to win it all.  Many wagers might not be related to sports at all.  You can find bets to be placed on entertainment awards, political events, statistics and even winners of fantasy sports.  Look at wagers between various player match-ups within a game or multiple games.  Check out our Live Lines and Match-Ups.

Straight Bet: Of course the simplest manner of betting on games would be the straight bet.  No matter how you want to place your bet; on a quarter, on a half, or on an entire game time, the straight bets will most likely payout 90-95% of your wager.  Your straight bet can also be utilized to bet on the money line.  The money lines can payout better or worse, depending on the odds for the teams playing.  This is a bet to win or lose wager.  Underdogs can make out ahead around 3 to 1, and can pay better than 100% at times.  The over/under is another straight bet where the player can bet on whether predictions on total points for a game will be matched or not.

Buying Points: A good way to get ahead of the game is to use the popular method of buying points.  When you use this sports betting type, you can often times manipulate the line by raising or lowering its value.  Then you are more apt to make those parlays in a manner more agreeable to your taste.  Say a line for a football game is at -3.5, and you think the win is going to be by a field goal, it would be to your advantage to buy a point to move the line to a -2.5.  This process does cost you a small amount of your winnings, but pays out better than the money line in the long run.  You’ll find that many sports books offer buying points, particularly for football wagers.

Parlays: This wager style can be hectic, but also a lot of fun.  The parlay allows you to put down a wager on multiple teams (sometimes over a dozen), on either the over/under, the spread, the money line, or a blend of all three.  You can often choose how many teams you want to bet on.  You must hit all the bets, or the parlay will not win.  However, if you wager even a minimum amount you can make out like a bandit.  Depending upon the amount of teams you select in a parlay the odds will vary.

Pleasers: This sportsbook wager style is a method that allows bettors to give away points and make higher earnings.  If you foresee the favorite to win in a game by more points than what is already given, you may place a wager on those points as well.   You can also take a pleaser with the underdog in a game.  If you play the pleasers in combination with other bets, when you sense the money line is mistaken, you can better your odds of winning.

Teasers: This wager style allows you to make the line more in your favor by giving points to the favorite or the underdog of a match-up.  The teaser works by selecting multiple games, and deciding what size point teaser you want to buy in the 6-7 point range.  The amount of points will depend on which games you select.  The odds will lower during your teaser play, which is the reason for betting on multiple games in order to win back even money odds.  This method is often a safer way to bet on unclear outcomes of the games at hand.

Sweetheart Teasers: This wager type is similar to teasers, with the exception that the points you buy are a larger range of 10-13 (depending on the sport you are betting on).  Like a parlay, these sweetheart teasers work with a mixture of other bets.  The bet is made on several teams at a time, while increasing the amount of points you buy from the odds makers.  This is another safe bet, but if you lose one item in your sweetheart, you lose the whole bet.  Betting on multiple teams (4-5) will get your odds up.

Future Bets: Placing wagers on predictions is also popular.  Betting on which team could win the Super Bowl or the World Series in advance can make for a hefty payout with long-shot odds for a winner.   Future bets can be made on just about any prediction you can make: division winners, conference winners, tournament winners, etc.  The big attractions when it comes to future bets are the odds.  Most of them will pay much better than 1-1, and some will go up to 1000-1 odds.

If Bets: This process is close to a parlay.  The If Bet allows you to plan your bets on a time frame, usually depending on the results of a previous game wagered.  The basic concept of the If Bet is to place your winnings from game number one on a second game to win.  If you win both bets – you get a big payout – fast money.

Political Events and Entertainment Industry Betting: This is always a fresh and amusing way to place bets.  You’ll find many online sports books offer wagers on current issues in the political realm and show biz.  US Presidential Elections and national party conventions are particularly exciting.  Entertainment events can bring in some good wagering on predicted awards winners for the Oscars, the Emmys, you name it – you can most likely bet on it.

Fantasy Bets: Fantasy sports players can always find a good bet within online sports books wagering.  If you’re new to this idea, it can be a lot of fun with a whole new spectrum of wagering possibilities.  NFL and NBA fantasy bets tend to dominate this circuit.  You might find head to head match-ups between wide receivers, quarterbacks and running backs to bet on who will win/lose.  You might be able to place a bet on one running back vs. an entire defense in an over/under yardage gain.  All sorts of bets are available for statistics.

Props Betting: This is an excellent method to make wagers on action related to sports, but the action is not part of the sporting event.  Props betting can be your new territory to be conquered.  These events can range from the duration of the singing of the Star Spangled banner for the Super Bowl to how many times will the ball boys run across the tennis court.  The sky’s nearly the limit here.  Sports props betting will give instant action on almost anything related around a sporting event.