Sports Betting Guide

A good place to start for any sports bettor is to get a grasp of the lingo associated with the sports betting world. These terms often used to describe different bets are admittedly confusing to the new-comer or square. Below you will find a dictionary of sports betting terms that we put together that we hope will familiarize you with the world of sports betting. Click on a letter to get a list.

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So what are the objectives of the Sports Bettor?

On the surface, it’s quite simple – TO WIN. But looking at it more analytically, to accomplish that end, the player must realize some “sub-objectives”, if you will.

They are:

* NOT necessarily to pick the best team in a game, but to recognize SITUATIONS which are right for a play, and to exploit those situations. Let’s face it – when Indianapolis ended its winless streak by defeating the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers in 1997, it didn’t happen because the Colts were the better team. It happened because there were a set of circumstances that came together, adding up to a Colt victory. For example:

  • The Colts, though winless to that point, had put forth 100% efforts in most of their games.

  • The indoor Hoosier Dome crowd was loud and enthusiastic and sometimes gives the home squad a shot of adrenaline.
  • The Super Bowl champions are a team that often brings out a maximum effort from the opponent.
  • Playing a winless team is often viewed as a non-challenge for a proven playoff team, and thus might not bring forth a maximum effort.
  • The Packers had a major revenge game with Dallas up next, followed by division games against contenders Minnesota and Tampa Bay, creating the perfect scenario for a “look-ahead”;
  • Green Bay was laying 12.5 points in a road game, a huge amount no matter what the matchup;
  • Green Bay was terrifically overvalued by the oddsmaker, and overbet by the public, and it showed, as evidenced by their 1-8-1 pointspread record coming into the game;
  • Green Bay was not at its best on artificial turf, having covered just  five of their last 16 games on the carpet.
  • When you consider all this, the Colts actually looked like a pretty good pointspread play, didn’t they? Well, the general public didn’t think so. All they did was not only cover, but win outright.

    * To come out at the end with a PROFIT. To do this, the player does NOT have to win every game, or even necessarily a majority of games. If you bet 10 games and lost seven of them, you lost $110 a game, or $770, but on the three you won you played $500 apiece, you would be $730 ahead of the game, despite a record of 3-7, wouldn’t you? The key was the apportionment of funds. Just MAKE MONEY.

    * To play SELECTIVELY, meaning that the player doesn’t make a bet for the sake of making a bet, but rather because there’s a good reason to do so. Just because ESPN televises a college game on Thursday night doesn’t necessarily mean you have to play the game. In fact, it’s often the wrong time to play. Players who feel they have to bet a game just so they can watch it probably should not watch it, but go to a movie instead. Also, people who “play the board” do not last long at all. Remember, the more games you play, the less significant your “margin” is going to be. For example, if you go 10-6, and played $100 on each game, you win $1000 and lose $660 for a total of $340 profit. If you went 6-2, still a margin of four games, you’d win $600 and lose back $220 for a $380 profit. The 11/10 can eat you up with more games. Think quality, not quantity.

    * To find situations that present good VALUE in the pointspread, meaning, in layman’s terms, that the player has a “good deal” with the line he is playing the game at. Value is KEY to finding success in sports betting.

    * Anticipate INTANGIBLES about the teams the player is backing. Knowing when a team is primed for a top effort, when scheduling is in their favor, when they’re tired, hurt, dissension-ridden, etc. is information that means something. Do homework. If you put some time in, you’ve already got a leg up on the vast majority of players.