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College Football Week 10 Betting Insights

November 2nd, 2010

The story is unfolding, and the leaders are coming forth for the 2010-11 College Football Season.  Michigan State and Missouri can be dismissed from the race due to recent losses.  Those losing events practically eliminate the Big 12 and Big 10 conferences from a chance to earn a spot in the BCS title game.  We’re looking at the remaining five undefeated teams to run that race with perhaps the one loss Alabama back in the running.  While Auburn creamed Mississippi, Oregon’s road win over USC jumped the Ducks to numero uno in the BCS polls.

The stats will be watered down even more this week when we see TCU on the road at Utah for a Mountain West match-up of unbeaten gridiron action.  Utah had a difficult time with Air Force last week, while TCU looked very good against UNLV.  This could bring out the best in both teams, but look for TCU to take the win.  The question is, however, how much of a boost will either team receive in the BCS rankings with a win?  If we see TCU win over Utah, they should hold firmly on to the No. 3 position until Auburn or Oregon suffers a loss.  If Utah wins with an upset, which would certainly boost them up the ranks, but they have nowhere to go.  Utah is currently at the 5th ranked slot with an average that is far behind Boise State.  Throw into the mix a win by Bama over LSU, and the BCS computer is going to have a field day, which just might boost the SEC team up higher than the MW Utah team.  Look for Boise State to struggle this week with a tough visiting Hawaii team (7-2) for a major WAC battle.

If you’re anticipating this season’s race for the Heisman Trophy, here are a few of the major contenders.  LaMichael James is also looking good, and has been cranking out some major yardage with a total of 1,210 and 14 touchdowns.  Newton continues to impress with 239 yards, 3 touchdowns (2 passing, one receiving – the stuff that Heisman voters drool over) during his last game against USC.  Las Vegas can’t offer odds on this voted event, but odds makers are making Cameron Newton a serious -500 favorite with low limits for fear of being slammed on too cheap a price.  Looking at the stats, Newton has all the cards and the trophy is his to lose at this point.

Week 10 Heisman Trophy Top 5 Contenders

Cameron Newton – Auburn

LaMichael James – Oregon

Kellen Moore – Boise State

Andrew Luck – Stanford

Robert Griffin III – Baylor

Other possible contenders to watch:

Denard Robinson – Michigan

Taylor Martinez – Nebraska

Ricky Stanzi – Iowa

Terrell Prior – Ohio State


October 21st, 2010

Source: SI


1.      Oregon

2.      Boise State

3.      Oklahoma

4.      TCU

5.      Auburn

6.      LSU

7.      Alabama

8.      Michigan State

9.      Utah

10.  Wisconsin


1.      Oregon

2.      Boise State

3.      Oklahoma

4.      TCU

5.      Auburn

6.      LSU

7.      Alabama

8.      Michigan State

9.      Utah

10.  Ohio State


1.      Oklahoma

2.      Oregon

3.      Boise State

4.      Auburn

5.      TCU

6.      LSU

7.      Michigan State

8.      Alabama

9.      Utah

10.  Ohio State

How to Choose an Online Sportsbook

October 7th, 2010

You like sports.  You like to play the odds on sports.  You like to win those odds and reap the benefits.  You love the idea of making plays on sports from the comfort of your own home and ease of your own computer.  Enter the online gaming industry and internet sportsbooks.  There are so many sportsbooks from which to choose, it can certainly seem a bit daunting to make a selection.  You want to find a sportsbook site that is trusted and has a solid reputation for customer satisfaction.

OnlineSportsBooks has a strong test team, which is available to assist you with your homework when it comes to selecting an online sportsbook site to play.  Our informative site pages are full of information that our team has tested and put together.  You get the information we use when our team plays the online sportsbook field.  Let our team help you win with your choices.

Financial Stability

Certainly, a high priority for your online sportsbook selection should be if they have financial stability.  The basic principle is:  “If I deposit money into an online sportsbook account, am I going to be able to withdraw those funds along with any winnings I may have earned?”  Bottom line – can I get my money when I want it.

The online gaming industry sportsbooks are not openly operated businesses, and many of them are offshore companies, which can make it difficult to obtain research information.  Our test team at OnlineSportsBooks has done a great deal of the leg work for you.

Take a look at our Sportsbook Reviews where you can find itemized information regarding many leading online sportsbook sites.  Our team gives you info regarding financial stability and payout times.  We can help you get headed in the right direction for choosing a book to play.

Sportsbook Interaction

You want to learn how much juice (commission charge per bet) a sportsbook charges.  This information will help you save more money over longer periods of play time.  Our test team provides juice information, and tells you which sportsbook sites have “reduced juice days”, which can really help add to your winnings.

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You’ll want to do your homework for choosing your online sportsbook with us at OnlineSportsBooks.  Our test team continually updates information.  Before you make that first account deposit – make an informed decision through us.  Not all the sportsbooks are going to have all the best criteria you might be looking for, but our information will help you get the best choice with good advice.


September 29th, 2010

Source: SI


1.      Alabama

2.      Ohio State

3.      Boise State

4.      Oregon

5.      TCU

6.      Nebraska

7.      Florida

8.      Oklahoma

9.      Stanford

10.    Auburn


1.      Alabama

2.      Ohio State

3.      Boise State

4.      Oregon

5.      TCU

6.      Nebraska

7.      Florida

8.      Oklahoma

9.      Wisconsin

10.    LSU

NFL 2010 Season: Predictions and Where to Place your Bets

September 17th, 2010

Our prediction team at OnlineSportsBooks has been busy getting ready for the 2010 NFL season.  Here is the down low on how the season will go down.


1. San Diego Chargers:  Yes, Marcus McNeil and Vincent Jackson are holding out (probably for the whole year), which could hurt the Chargers offense, for certain.  But, they still have more than enough depth and strength to take over the AFC West again.  Think about it – the Chargers must be really good in order to make a winner out of Norv Turner.  Imagine where this team could go with a real coach behind it.

2. Kansas City Chiefs:  The Chiefs are developing into a rising team.  The additions of Romeo Crennel (defensive coordinator) and Charlie Weis during the off-season will bring strong talent to the team.  Weis and Crennel are very tenacious and will assist Todd Haley to coach the Chiefs into more wins in 2010.

3. Oakland Raiders:  Many of us wondered last season how the Raiders would perform with a valid QB on the team.  This year Jason Campbell will take the helm as QB with finesse and strength.  Watch for the Raiders to hit a near .500 record during 2010.

4. Denver Broncos:  Broncos’ head coach Josh McDaniels has been dealt some hard knocks.  Booting Jay Cutler before he ever coached a game, and then the dismissals of Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler has not made it look good.  The main reason the Broncos are going to finish in last place is because of the loss of Elvis Dumervil and a diminishing defense.


1. New York Jets:  The Jets are going to win the AFC East by playing hard defense and running the ball.  While the Jets have the talent for an aerial attack with solid receivers like Holmes, Edwards, Cotchery and Keller, they will hit the ground running.  Greene and Tomlinson are going to be the catalyst for this offense.

2. New England Patriots:  The Patriots have the offensive goods to put more points on the board than any team in the NFL, but their defense could be an issue for them.  If you recall last season, the Ravens showed the Pats still need to address the defensive program.

3. Miami Dolphins:  The Dolphins would have better luck in a different division.  They can’t seem to develop enough depth to beat the Jets or the patriots at this time.  Look for the Dolphins to win about 8 or 9 games this season with Brandon Marshall adding some juice to the offense.  4. Buffalo Bills – The move to hire head coach Chan Gailey was good, and should increase the Bills’ offensive game.  But, the Bills are lacking in team depth when it comes to this division.

4. Buffalo Bills – The move to hire head coach Chan Gailey was good, and should increase the Bills’ offensive game.  But, the Bills are lacking in team depth when it comes to this division.


1. Indianapolis Colts:  The Colts are going to stay on to in the AFC South.  No other team in this division will surpass them this year.  Peyton Manning will have Anthony Gonzalez back this season to add to his very dominant offense.  The Colts defense will systematically control the opponent’s offense well enough to win games, and that will be often in 2010.

2. Houston Texans:  The Texans flat out need to play better in their division if they are going to reach the playoffs ahead of the Colts.  They were 1-5 against the Colts, Jags and Titans last year.  The Texans are going to improve mainly in part due to the skills of RB Arian Foster.

3. Tennessee Titans:  Despite the Titans going for 8-2 last season with Vince Young at QB, the depth of the team appears weak this season.  Look for more of a team ranking 8-8 or 7-9.  Perhaps, coach Jeff Fisher can rally the team up.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars:  The Jags can’t be run solely on the power of QB David Garrard and head coach Jack Del Rio.  However, they could be a surprise team if Maurice Jones-Drew can stay healthy in 2010.  Yet the defense also needs to pick up the pace, therefore the Jaguars are in a tough position in this division.


1. Baltimore Ravens:  The Ravens’ powerful offense should work well with their tough defense in 2010.  Adding Anquan Boldin and T.J. Houshmandzadeh will give Joe Flacco the needed aerial game to run a more balanced offense.  Also watch for Ray Rice to lead the NFL in rushing this season.

2. Cincinnati Bengals:  Many experts have expressed concern as to whether T.O. will be able to share the ball and the spotlight with Ocho Cinco, but with that type of depth, watch for the two dynamos working together.  If one of them is double-covered, watch for Carson Palmer to look the other way.  The Bengals will score more points this season and win more games with this combo, plus a mighty strong defense

3. Pittsburgh Steelers:  The Steelers are a fading team.  Last season ending losses to the Chiefs, Raiders and Browns shows a need for development.  Dennis Dixon will start at QB instead of Ben Roethlisberger, who is suspended for the beginning part of the season.  Look for the Steelers to start the year 1-3 or 0-4.

4. Cleveland Browns:  The Browns won their last four games during the previous season after a terrible 1-11 start.  They should play better in 2010 but a very hard-hitting agenda will likely keep them behind again this year.


1. San Francisco 49ers:  The 49ers are very strong and could go 6-0 within this division this year.  If Alex Smith continues to improve so will the 49ers’ record.  Watch for his efforts to be that important to the success of the team as a whole.

2. Arizona Cardinals:  The Cardinals are without Kurt Warner and Anquan Boldin.  That’s a lot of offense out the door.  Derek Anderson at QB tends to throw too many interceptions.  The Cardinals still have enough talent to possibly win this division.

3. Seattle Seahawks:  Pete Carroll has struggled as a NFL head coach.  He made some off-season changes to the Seahawk roster, yet they may not be for the better.  The only thing keeping them out of last place will be the Rams.

4. St. Louis Rams:  The Rams at least now have a reason to get excited.  Rookie Sam Bradford will likely be starting this season.  Watch for the Rams to finish in last place due to lack of overall talent.


1. Dallas Cowboys:  The Cowboys are the strongest team in the NFC East.  They gathered a good amount of talent in the off-season.  This year is crunch time for the team as they look to play in the Super Bowl in their hometown this season.

2. Washington Redskins:  If the Skins can keep Donovan McNabb in one piece they will be a threat this year.  It was surprising to see the Eagles trade McNabb within the division, and they may wish they hadn’t by the end of the year.

3. Philadelphia Eagles:  The Eagles will have a good offense with new starter Kevin Kolb.  Yet, Kolb’s ball handling skills are questionable.  Bearing that in mind, the Eagles are looking at a .500 season in 2010.

4. New York Giants:  The Giants need to develop the defensive game.  Without a D plan, they will need to score a lot of points to get anywhere in this division.


1. New Orleans Saints:  The Saints were outstanding last season.  That may not be the case this season, but still look for the Saints to win this division.  Watch Drew Brees have another MVP-style performance in 2010 for the Saints.

2. Atlanta Falcons:  The Falcons need to stay healthy in order to make the playoffs in 2010.  Michael Turner and Matt Ryan need to stay off the injured list all season long.  The defense also needs development according to last year’s stats.

3. Carolina Panthers:  The Panthers are another team in development at this point.  Yet, look for head coach John Fox to get the most out of his players.  If Matt Moore at QB can help balance the offense some, the Panthers could win half of their games in 2010.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  The Bucs are going to have the first pick for the NFL Draft in 2011.  The franchise has not taken efforts to better the team this season.  Corporate continues to maintain no salary cap, which has allowed them to be very cheap on player payroll and it will cost them in scoring.


1. Green Bay Packers:  Aaron Rodgers and the crew displayed last season that the Packers are going to be a good bet for an extended amount of time.  The offensive line is healthy going into this season, unlike last year, when Aaron Rodgers took a beating early in the year.  Watch for the Packers to be highly motivated and superior in 2010.

2. Minnesota Vikings:  The Vikings have another very solid team for this season.  We’re wondering if Bret Favre will continue the entire season with a troubled ankle.  The Viking’s opener is against a strong Saints team (which incidentally beat up Favre last year.)

3. Chicago Bears:  The Bears’ gain of Julius Peppers is going to be major this season.  QBs will be looking to assist the secondary this year by getting the ball to them sooner.  The offense be stronger with Jay Cutler running Mike Martz’ game plan.  Watch for the Bears to accumulate high scores in 2010.

4. Detroit Lions:  The Lions are developing this year, but they are still going to finish last in the NFC North.  Matt Stafford looked outstanding in the pre-season.  If the Lions’ D plays as poorly as last season, they will definitely suffer.


1st Round:

New York Jets over the Cincinnati Bengals

Baltimore Ravens over the New England Patriots

Minnesota Vikings over the Dallas Cowboys

Atlanta Falcons over the San Francisco 49ers

2nd Round:

Baltimore Ravens over the San Diego Chargers

Indianapolis Colts over the New York Jets

Minnesota Vikings over the New Orleans Saints

Green Bay Packers over the Atlanta Falcons


Baltimore Ravens over the Indianapolis Colts

Green Bay Packers over the Minnesota Vikings in Brett Favre’s last game of his NFL career


Green Bay Packers over the Baltimore Ravens

Super Bowl bets so soon? It could pay big to look ahead.

September 9th, 2010

The NFL season is underway, and you want to reap some big cash benefits from the action.  Making future bets on the season’s events is smart, but how do you go about it?  Do you think about strength of seasons past and go with teams like the Cowboys, Patriots or Colts?  Or, do you start assembling your sights on teams that look good to win their divisions and get into the playoffs?  It’s a gamble.  Pun(t) intended.  Let’s examine three teams, which just might be worthy of placing future bets on to win the Super Bowl.

1.   Cincinnati Bengals:  Before losing to the Jets in the first round of playoff action last season, the Bengals went 10-6.  Take a look at the prospects of this division for the season, and note that the Steelers will be lagging and the Browns will be a no-contest.  The predictions are saying it’s going to be the Ravens vs. the Bengals grinding it out.  The Bengals have made strong off-season developments, which should create improvements for 2010.  The recent odds were 28-1 to win the Super Bowl, which is rather enticing for a team that made last year’s playoffs.

2.   Atlanta Falcons:  The Falcons will control the Saints for the NFC South.  Injuries waylaid this offensive dynamo last season with M. Turner and M. Ryan on the down list.  The Falcons are going to fly high this season with a fresh QB/Head Coach outlook that could take them to the Super Bowl in Dallas.  Current odds on the Falcons to win the Super Bowl are 25-1.  That’s a juicy investment.

3.    San Francisco 49ers:  It’s a good chance the 49ers will take the NFC West this year.  This division is looking so poor this season that the 49ers just might find their playoff action at home after they take down the Rams, Cardinals and Seahawks.  A big long-shot to win the Super Bowl at 30-1 odds, but think of it – that’s some tasty winnings.

That’s the run down on future bets for this season’s Super Bowl.  Sometimes taking the risk will make for a huge payout.  Good Luck!

Pre-season College Football Rankings

August 30th, 2010

Source: SI


  1. Alabama
  2. Ohio State
  3. Boise State
  4. Florida
  5. Texas
  6. TCU
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Nebraska
  9. Iowa
  10. Virginia Tech



  1. Alabama
  2. Ohio State
  3. Florida
  4. Texas
  5. Boise State
  6. Virginia Tech
  7. TCU
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Nebraska
  10. Iowa

College Football Season – Look for Strength in the Team

August 29th, 2010

A change in the weather… the air is becoming electric as College Football Season is nearly underway.  It’s time to dust off those “odds making skills” as we head into another exciting season for college football.  What makes college football so enticing for the betting scene?  Is it the cast of characters, which includes: the strength of young, gifted athletes, star coaching staffs, returning star players, the big-time fans, and the teams?  Of course it is!  College football is arguably one of the most exhilarating sports events on the planet.  What makes it so?  Tradition.  Look for tradition in all categories of the experience. 

Teams that win maintain traditions keeping them ahead of the others.  The strength of the team is not only in the star players, but mostly resides within the depth of the team as a whole, the coaching and the history of tradition in the team’s making.  The larger school teams with strong traditions have the history of being winning teams.  A few teams on this list would include USC, Ohio State, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and the defending national champion Alabama.  Due to their strong traditions of team development, these colleges have no problem recruiting quality talent, and offering scholarships and athletic budgets to support the team strength. 

The college teams that have winning traditions know how to load the team with a field of depth.  It’s good to take note of the team’s depth in players when looking for a winning choice.  This is particularly important later in the season as injuries may develop, or players are not at 100% physical condition due to fatigue.  Knowing the overall strength of the team will assist in decisions and odds making.  Taking note of injury reports throughout the season will pay off when cross referencing those stats with the overall team strength.